Cross Party Group on Workplace Equality Launch


Dress for Success Dublin campaigns at all levels of politics, industry and civil society for full workplace equality. It is our aim to help realise workplace equality here in Ireland, drawing on our political and business networks and the feedback we receive from our clients.


Four Pillars

Our #WorkEqual campaign is focused around four key areas of work:

1.     Awareness-raising measures – to help politicians, industry, employees and society at large better understand the issues that contribute to inequalities at work; and formulate effective measures to address these.

2.     Pay disclosure – encouraging organisations to audit their own pay and progression structures; identify gaps; and implement measures to promote true workplace equality.

3.     Shared parental leave – looking at how parental leave can be more equitably split between women and men, and challenging engrained cultures that prevent fathers availing of their parental leave entitlements.

4.     Childcare – working with policymakers to enhance Ireland’s childcare system and ensure no woman is excluded from the workforce because of lack of access to affordable childcare.


#WorkEqual Campaign Highlighting the Gender Pay Gap

Since November 2016, we have staged an annual, month-long campaign to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and related issues.

Arising from our annual campaign, in partnership with Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee, we recently established a Cross-Party Parliamentary Group on Workplace Equality. On 4th July 2018, the group hosted a briefing for members of the Oireachtas and industry leaders in Leinster House.  Two guest speakers from the UK addressed the briefing, on the topic of ‘Tackling the Gender Pay Gap: What Can Ireland Learn from the UK?’.  You can read a summary of the briefing, including speaker presentations here.


Gender Pay Gap Hand Out


The current gender pay gap means women in Ireland effectively stop earning for the year – relative to men – during the month of November.

Another way of looking at this is that women work for free for about the last seven weeks of each year.

Our next month-long #WorkEqual campaign will take place in November 2018.  If you would like to get involved, contact us now.


2017 Campaign

Based on the current pay gap in Ireland, we most recently marked Equal Pay Day on 10th November 2017.

On this date, we held a panel discussion with special guests, exploring the issues that contribute to the gender pay gap and our recommendations for addressing the pay gap.  The panel discussion took place at the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.  It was chaired by our own Sonya Lennon, and she was joined on the panel by:

  • Senator Ivana Bacik;
  • Jewellery designer and businesswoman Chupi; and
  • Youth mental health activist Jamie Harrington.

Read more about our panellists here.


In addition to our panel discussion on 10th November, we undertook the following activities as part of our 2017 Equal Pay campaign:

  • An official launch event (31st October);
  • A month-long media and online awareness-raising campaign;
  • A briefing for members of Dublin City Council at City Hall, hosted by Cllr. Claire Byrne (6th November);
  • A briefing with members of the Oireachtas at Leinster House, hosted by Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee (15th November); and
  • A fundraising fashion sale at our premises at 4 Ellis Quay – on Friday, 10th and Saturday, 11th November.