At Dress for Success Dublin we provide practical, relevant and free services to women to help them secure a job and develop sustainable careers. We match our resources to the needs of women in the most strategic and effective way to ensure maximum benefits to our clients.

Our services tie together clothing, confidence, competence and connections. We provide professional interview outfits, suiting each of the women that we work with. Dressing the part enables our clients to feel the part.

We also provide free career development tools to women such as:

  • One-to-one pre-interview preparation with experienced HR professionals in our Career Centre
  • Sector-specific workshops, aimed at giving women insights on establishing a career in their chosen field and, in the longer term, to achieve economic independence.
  • Professional clothing provision and advice for women in advance of job interviews, confidentially delivered in our on-site Clothing Boutique and follow on ‘work wardrobes’ for women who succeed in gaining employment.