2020 New Collaborators

All photos by Waneska Valois

On 11th August 2020, we hosted a welcome event for 30 new ladies starting with us on our career coaching and mentoring programmes. The event was held with huge support from some of our very generous partners and we’re very excited to work with such a wonderful group of ladies across the next few months.

The clients enjoyed a motivational talk from Deborah Loughran, Dress for Success Motivational Speaker and Career Coach. Deborah has had a long and exciting career in the technology field and in academia. She is sharing her mentoring skills with our clients to show how women can support other women from all walks of life.

Dress for Success Dublin has formed a volunteering programme to help as many clients as we can in the future to gain employment, feel comfortable and make important social and professional connections with our help and workshops.

Dr Idara Udo will be joining the Dublin team this month. Idara is a dynamic doctor with the HSE Mental Health Services, and has a kind and open manner with all she meets, and is passionate about making a meaningful contribution to society.

Judy Wong is one of Ireland’s best-known makeup artists and has worked for 20 years in the beauty and fashion industry. She recently joined Dress for Success Dublin as a volunteer and has been able to establish a great rapport and education programme around caring for your skin and sharing her beauty tips and knowledge. Judy is excited about the future with Dress for Success and you can follow her on Instagram @MakeupbyJudibells.

Maura Healy is an entrepreneur in the beauty field. Maura is the founder of Alchemy Labs, Dublin 2 and reached out to Dress for Success before she had even opened her doors, such was the appeal of our charity to her. Maura is now a volunteer with Dress for Success Dublin as our beauty consultant, alongside the wonderfully talented Judy Wong.

These supports will ensure that our new clients will be able to put their best professional foot forward as they make their way through the employment programmes run by Dress for Success Dublin from 2020-2021.