A wonderful gift from Chupi!

In the most wonderful start to the year, last month Chupi Sweetman and the team invited us to partner with them on the new Chupi Upgrade Program. The programme turns your most cherished Chupi pieces from their plated collection into a sparking solid gold heirloom to be treasured forever. They’re offering their clients who bought gold plated jewellery to upgrade those pieces to Chupi’s solid gold jewellery, designed to last a lifetime.

In a stroke of characteristic generosity, Chupi has offered to donate the original pieces to be given to our clients while being suited for job interviews, and for starter wardrobes after securing employment. We’re absolutely thrilled to be accepting their beautiful pieces and know our clients will be too! There were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ in the office this week when the first bundle of jewellery was delivered, beautifully wrapped as ever. They never miss a trick!

The programme is taking place as part of Chupi’s commitment to sustainability, reducing their contribution to landfill and use of new material sources.

Chupi Sweetman, Founder, CEO and all-round wonderful person said: “Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. When we make a solid gold ring, we know it will be around for hundreds of years to come, an heirloom that will pass down through the generations.”

Our Founder Sonya Lennon commented: “Many of our clients don’t have the ability to buy beautiful, professional jewellery, which is suitable for the workplace, so being able to provide Chupi’s pieces to the women we work with will have a huge impact.

The better we feel about how we look, the more confidence we exude – and confidence gets hired. That’s the difference that Chupi’s generosity will make to our clients.” It’s also a sustainable solution, utilising the jewellery that’s being upgraded by Chupi’s customers and making sure that these beautiful pieces are given a second life.

From all our clients, staff and me – a huge thank you to Chupi and the team!