Practical Steps to Workplace Equality Conference

About the Conference

In November 2019, we held the inaugural #WorkEqual Conference  – ‘Practical Steps to Workplace Equality’ sponsored by SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority, at The Marker Hotel, Dublin 2. The conference played host to more than 130 business leaders, politicians, policymakers and NGO representatives. 

At the conference, attendees contributed their thoughts and expertise to a set of recommendations for advancing gender equality in the workplace and these recommendations have now been compiled to form the basis of the first ever #WorkEqual report.  You can download the report here.

The report contains recommendations for government, employers and individuals, grouped under five headings:

  1. Caring responsibilities;
  2. Societal gender norms;
  3. Flexibility in the workplace;
  4. Women in leadership; and
  5. The gender pay gap.

The conference took place as part of the annual #WorkEqual campaign run by Dress for Success. 

Now, we're planning for the 2020 #WorkEqual campaign and the 2020 conference as part of those activities. We're very excited about the plans and will share details with you as soon  as we can. 


Topics on the conference programme included:

Learning from global leaders in workplace equality
Preparing for gender pay gap legislation in Ireland
The role of men in achieving workplace equality

Conference Speakers

Christine Armstrong - Journalist and author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs’
Gender Equality Conference
Tatjana Latinović - Chair of Icelandic Women‘s Rights Association
Emer Bucukoglu - Senior Consultant at Innecto Reward Consulting
Mark Paul - Journalist with the Irish Times

The Conference Programme