Education, training and inspiration – supports for jobseekers during the Covid-19 crisis

In the last number of weeks, Ireland has changed unrecognisably.

From social distancing to ‘cocooning’, as a country we’re implementing public health measures on a scale never seen before. And, hearteningly, the recent figures suggest the measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our communities are working.

However, as we all know, these measures have taken a toll on our economy and jobs. Many people around the country have been temporarily laid off and many others have lost their jobs.

With the sudden surge in unemployment across the country, it can be difficult to see past the headline figures to the individual, human experience behind them. But we know that each one of those numbers represents a person, a couple or a family whose lives have been dramatically changed.

In this time, our work has never been more vital and the Dress for Success team is continuing to provide as many of our services as possible remotely.  We’re currently working on plans to reach a greater number of people through moving online.

For now, we have put together a list of practical and accessible online services and resources which are available right now – most of which are free.  These include:

  • Online courses (professional and personal development).
  • Career development and recruitment focused blogs.
  • Social media accounts for job search tips and inspiration.

If you have found yourself out of work in recent times, we hope you find these useful, and if you have any other ideas or would like to see us offering specific supports or services during this difficult time, please share details in our comments below.

Online Training Courses


eCollege is an online learning platform from SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority (we collaborate with SOLAS on a range of projects) and their entire portfolio of courses has just been made completely free. eCollege offers certified online training programmes in business, project management, image editing, web design, digital marketing, advanced software and basic computer literacy.

An eCollege course is a great way to upskill or retrain in your own time, from your own home – whether you’re preparing for your first job, have recently been laid off and want to diversify your skillset, or you would like to increase the skills that you can offer to employers.

You can access the full range of courses for free here.


Springboard+ offers thousands of free courses at certificate, degree and masters levels for people who are unemployed. The courses offered are matched with skills which are in demand in the employment market, helping your career prospects.

Find all the information and available courses here.


FutureLearn offers hundreds of free online courses in a huge range of subjects from science, engineering and maths to creative arts and media. Courses vary in length – some are just a couple of hours over two weeks and others are six to 10 weeks long.

You can find their courses on their website here.


MOOC is a directory for online courses available through a number of learning platforms, so provides information on a huge range of courses and learning – from learning to read Shakespeare to managing organisational development. All the courses they link to are free and are open to anyone.

You can find all the courses available here.


Alison is another website which offers a range of completely free courses, with new courses added every week. The organisation offers courses in range of different areas, from personal wellbeing to business and marketing, and even offers a whole section dedicated to guidance and skills for re-entering the workforce.

You can access all of their courses here.

Job Search Resources

The Careers Insights Centre by CPL

The Careers Insights Centre from recruitment company CPL has lots of up-to-date resources for you while you search for a job. They have advice on how to do well in video interviews and guidance on approaching a career change. With offices across Ireland, they are in tune with the Irish recruitment market, making them a great resource for the most up-to-date information and tips.

You can visit the Careers Insights Centre here.

Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a blog with LOTS of advice on searching for (and securing) a job, as well as resources for career development and advice on transitioning into a new career.  They have a podcast; host webinars; and have simple, downloadable manuals with advice and strategies for specific circumstances.

You can find all of their information and resources here.

Social Media Accounts

Angela Burke, Career Coach

Angela Burke is a Dublin-based career coach with 10 years career & recruitment expertise. There is lots of practical information and resources on her website, as well as on her Instagram channel – which it great for regular, bite-sized tips and motivation. She also hosts live Q&A sessions on Instagram and has recently begun a practical daily ‘career challenge’ to help people stay focused and motivated.

You can check out her Instagram and website here.

We know this is a very tough time for a lot of people around the country. Many will return to their jobs after temporary lay-offs but, for others, the way back to ‘normality’ may not be so straightforward.

While things are tough, there is much to be said for useful distractions and putting this time to good use by developing new skills, working on a CV or building a professional online presence. There are plenty of useful resources out there to help you to do this, and we’ll continue to share them with you throughout this time.