Ingersoll Rand, BNY Mellon and Irish Distiller’s to Support #IWD2018!

We have lots of exciting companies joining our International Women’s Day Celebrations – Meet three of them here!

Ingersoll Rand 

We are so excited to have the support of Ingersoll Rand this International Women’s Day!

An industrial manufacturing company with market-leading brands serving customers in global markets, we are delighted to have the support of such an influential and international organisation!

Ingersoll Rand will be hosting a workshop event for Dress for Success clients in May 2018, so we can keep the International Women’s Day festivities going year-round!

BNY Mellon 

Back with a bang, BNY Mellon continue their support of Dress for Success Dublin with their International Women’s Day campaign!  

Here’s a taste of how BNY Mellon will be celebrating the day:

Beginning with a coffee morning in their Dublin office, BNY Mellon will also be hosting a clothing drive and a book swap for their employees. With so many great events planned, we couldn’t be more grateful for their continued support!

Thank you to all at BNY Mellon!


Irish Distillers 

Another company supporting us this International Women’s Day is Irish Distillers! 

Irish Distillers, Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines, will be hosting a clothing drive at their office on 8th March. They will also be hosting a lunchtime panel discussion with Dress for Success CEO, Angela Smith. We are so excited to work with them and are so thankful for their support of such an important cause!


We still have so many amazing companies to announce who are supporting female empowerment everywhere on 8th March, stay tuned for more!