Thanking Squarespace for Their Support!

Squarespace, international website hosting platform joined us on International Women’s Day to celebrate and support Dress for Success Dublin. During their celebrations, the team ran a clothing drive at their Dublin offices. We’re so thrilled to have such a great company involved in our work and helping us to develop and bolster the economic independence of women across Dublin.

Speaking about their involvement, Squarespace have said “we believe that everybody should have equal opportunities regardless of their social background, ethnicity or gender. To uphold our company value of empowering individuals, we are proud to participate in International Women’s Day by partnering with organizations like Dress for Success that share this same mission. For IWD 2018, our Dublin office hosted a clothing collection drive for Dress for Success Dublin, with the hope that it will enable many women to make positive changes in their lives, both professionally and personally. ”

We’re delighted that Squarespace for sharing our vision and values. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful donations making our clients look and feel fabulous!