The Quest for Female Equality on International Women’s Day!

Quest to Celebrate on 8th March! 

We are delighted to announce that Quest, the banking and financial recruitment agency, will be supporting our International Women’s Day campaign!

They are delighted to be getting involved as they fully support the work of Dress for Success Dublin as well as seeking to promote the independence of women and equal rights in the workplace.

As a recruitment agency, providing help and support to ensure their candidates get the jobs they desire, is of the utmost importance to Quest. Interview preparation, including professional clothing and styling in advance of an interview, is a vital part of their recruitment process, making them a perfect partner for Dress for Success Dublin.

Quest will be supporting us this coming Thursday and will commemorate the day by photographing the women in their workplace as they wear purple – one of the colours of the suffragette movement and of International Women’s Day itself.  We are so grateful for their involvement, thanks to everybody at Quest!